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Company Description

Nuanced Health is a seed-stage, venture capital-backed biotechnology company that is reimagining the drug development process in order to discover, develop, and evolve therapeutics. We believe that a better understanding of the biological heterogeneity among us can inspire novel therapeutics and maximize the efficacy of existing ones. At Nuanced Health, we combine in vivo techniques with computational methods to envision a drug development process that addresses our unique biology and builds treatments that work for everyone. We are a multidisciplinary company, motivated to build a mutualistic environment where engineers and scientists work synergistically to create a revolutionary product on a category-defining platform for the life sciences industry.


Nuanced Health is founded on enabling and integrating teams and systems to have a greater impact – a core principle that we apply toward our people and our product.

Job Description

The ability to analyze and interrogate the diverse molecules in proteomic, lipidomic and metabolomic data directly enables the success of Nuanced Health’s mission to change drug discovery. A critical aspect of that is the ability to incorporate analyses from mass-spectrometry based datasets with those from other high-throughput data in order to compile multi-omic results.


Together with the computational team, you will deliver research that directly impacts and supports the growth of the organization through the design, execution and analysis of experiments. You should be excited about analytical solutions that provide actionable insights from biological data. These results will be derived from robust, scalable, and reproducible cloud-based computational workflows that rely on fundamental biological concepts, and integrate novel methods and concepts in bioinformatics or machine learning where appropriate.


As a Computational Biologist, Molecular Discovery, you will be primarily responsible for driving scientific progress as it relates to the proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics of the program. You would be joining a team of microbiologists, immunologists, researchers and computational scientists and engineers, so an ideal teammate is intentionally curious, highly adaptable, committed to learning, and passionate about innovation, all in a dynamic startup environment.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Lead experimental design and analysis of proteomic, lipidomic, metabolomic data from diverse biological samples

  • Design, build and perfect the bioinformatics pipeline for mass-spectrometry based proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics to support scientific projects

  • Apply established and novel methods to investigate complex biological samples

  • Collaborate closely with teammates to drive multi-omic discovery research

Skills and Qualifications

  • PhD or MS and equivalent research experience in Computer Science, Applied Math, Statistics, Engineering Bioinformatics/Computational Biology or a related quantitative field with with 2-5 years of industrial and/or academic research experience preferred but will consider strong candidates with less experience

  • Extensive experience utilizing or developing of computational methods for processing and extracting biological data from large-scale, mass-spectrometry based proteomics datasets (e.g. PEAKS, MaxQuant, DiaNN, OpenMS, Spectronaut, etc.) in cross-functional teams

  • Proficient coding skills in R or Python or other scientific programming language

  • Strong understanding of biochemistry and biology to facilitate analysis and interpretation (e.g., protein interaction networks,  immunoproteomics, systems biology, metabolomics)

  • Familiarity with chemi-, protein-, and bio- informatic computational toolkits and packages (e.g. RDKit, pyOpenMS, pyteomics, Biopython, QIIME2, HUMAnN2, SciPy, etc.)

  • Track record of publications or research 

  • Experience with workflow managers (e.g. Nextflow, Snakemake, Cromwell, WDL, etc. )

  • Experience with cloud-based/server-based computing

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